Museum entry is included with the temple admission. This museum houses the treasures from Zuiganji Temple’s thousand years of history which consist of 30,000 items including National Treasures. Highlights include the original armor of Date Masamune, swords of the Date family, statues of Date Masamune, with his wife and daughter. In addition to the regular collection there are special exhibitions which vary by season and theme.

Original Jodan no MaHigh Room

In the Temple Museum is the original 400 year old Jodan no Ma room. This room was once exclusively used by Date Masamune and the successive samurai rulers of the Sendai region. This room is normally not on public view but is open for a special viewing period each year.

Large Wakizashi Sword

On the 20th anniversary of the death of samurai ruler Date Masamune, his son Tadamune commissioned Tomita “Yamato no Kami” Yasusada to make this sword. The handguard, hilt and scabbard were also included.
[Miyagi Prefecture Designated Cultural Property]

Statue of Date Masamune in armor

This large wooden statue depicts samurai ruler Date Masamune in his prime at the age of 27.
[Miyagi Prefecture Designated Cultural Property]
※Note that this figure is not always on display

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