• NAKED·Matsushima·National Treasure Zuigan Temple
  • 松島・国宝 瑞巌寺
  • 秋の夜間参拝
  • NAKED 松島・国宝 瑞巌寺 秋の夜間参拝
October 28th, 2023(Saturday) ~
November 19th, 2023 (Sunday)
Hours 5:00p.m. ~ 9:00p.m.
(Last Entry 8:30p.m.)

Matsushima·National Treasure
Zuigan Temple

From ancient times Matsushima has been revered as a sacred place of worship and scenic beauty, designated as one of the three great views of Japan. Surrounded by abundant nature, national treasure Zuigan Temple was erected in 1609 by the Tohoku regional leader Masamune Date and dedicated to the ancestors of the Date Family. It was Lord Masamune’s most earnest wish to usher in a time of peace throughout the country and wellbeing among its citizens that led to the construction of Zuigan Temple. Thus, it has been greatly admired ever since by the region’s people as the center for worship and sightseeing.

「NAKED·Matsushima·National Treasure Zuigan Temple」is a valuable chance to have access to Zuigan Temple as you would during the day, woven together with illuminations and sounds at night creating a mysterious atmosphere for you to enjoy.

“A fusion of history and tradition”. We are producing a new way to experience the culture of Zuigan Temple. For those who visit, we hope that Zuigan Temple will become a place of memories for you and a sanctuary for your heart. We are looking forward to your visit.

[ Duration ]

October 28th, 2023(Saturday) ~
November 19th, 2023 (Sunday)

[ Hours ]

Hours 5:00p.m. ~ 9:00p.m.
(Last Entry 8:30p.m.)

[ Tickets ]

  • Day of purchase : Adults(Middle school and older)¥1,300
  • Online advance purchase : Adults(Middle school and older)¥1,100
  • Primary school and younger : Free
    ※Entsu Temple dual entry ticket ¥2,000
    (Dual entry ticket not available for advance purchase)

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[ Participatory art ]

1. NAKED Distance Lantern

For each lantern a camellia, lotus or star design will be projected onto the ground. The projected range will be used to maintain a guideline distance. More that just a beautiful light display, these illuminations will act as a guiding light for you during the tour.
(※A lantern will be given to each group from the tour to take home.)

2. NAKED Flower Fortune

NAKED Flower Fortune(¥500)will be available at a special setting located near the caves.

Date Busho Group Zuigan Temple Guided Tour

Oshu・Sendai Omottenashi (hospitality) Group and Date Busho Group will be holding a special guided night time tour of Zuigan Temple. The tour will allow access to special rooms of the temple normally off limits to the public. This is a unique chance to experience a guided night time tour of Zuigan Temple while receiving a detailed explanation of the unique significance and history associated. The Date Busho Group will happily be attending to your needs from start to finish.

Event dates 【Event finished】
October 28th(Saturday)
November 2nd(Thursday)
November 8th(Wednesday)
Time First Tour  18:00~18:45
Second Tour  19:15~20:00
Price Adults ¥2,000(Admission fee is required separately)
Sales Location Zuigan Temple Reception Office
Payment Method Cash
Meeting Place Near Zuigan Temple Reception Office
※A military commander will be waiting to welcome you.
  • ・No reservations required、Please apply for attendance on the day of the tour.
  • ・Guidance Language・English and Japanese

[Items for sale]

Special Gosyuin Book ¥3,000

Special Gosyuin ¥1,000

Special Gosyuin ¥1,000

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国宝 瑞巌寺